how to overcoem oily skin

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Hello Guys...... This is totally home based and easy, traditional method. no any thing to use or buy. Just read and follow.

As we know better  that skin or the whole body is of different types mainly two. The one with oily skin and other which is dry.......

I have seen some people have both these types and it change with seasons or diet etc but that is temporary.

Here i want to share with you the simple home based and naturally method by which you can overcome your oily skin and hair into normal which is necessary also..

The simple trick is that...............To use only plenty of water....:)

People listen that those who do not drink/take plenty of  water, their hair and face skill will create some extra oil which look very bad.

I have noted that often my hair become oil and it just touch to my face which also become oily and acne, pimples also comes with this..

so take more water and it will reduce the oil in your body and your skin and hair will not be damaged with oil..

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