How to overcome fear.

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Fear, something that shivers your bones to death! Fear is a feeling that every human has, and this feeling roams people's heart without any concern. People most often fear when they are alone, or it is too much dark, or maybe he or she is facing a situation that is deadly, Fear can also be felt in times when someone is scared to lose a beloved one. 

Let's first talk fear biologically. When we fear, a part of the brain activates. This part is known as hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA). After this, steriod harmones and stress harmones are released. Well, there are few more harmones that are released but taking their names would make this blog as boring as the biology book itself, so lets just stick to the topic.

So the question is, how to overcome fear? The best answer would be, to face the fear itself. Fear is basically felt when someone predestinates, For example when if your in a dark room, and there is a door infront of you, you would be restlessly thinking "Someone is gonna come through that door, someone will surely" This created fear, and if someone predestinates correctly, he or she will be able to control fear and face what's gonna come next

Most often, fear takes over you when you really know you are screwed, so if you possibly do things better and responsibly, you will have no fear of making mistakes and thus, face fear,

If you have a fear of insects and reptiles, kill one of them, e.g if you are scared of a rat or a mouse, kill it one day, and then you will see your fear run away like a rat does.

So basically, fight fear and face it. If you dont, it will take over you and you probably know what happens when you are scared, you cant do anything, your knees are weakened and you are unable to move. As emphasised by a movie, I will write a quote that might raise your morale!

Danger is Real

Fear is a Choice!

Written by Haider Khan

Student of Olevels


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