How to Pass Your ESL Job Application

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Good day everyone, again. -.-

So here I am again, Jvanity1, and I'm here to discuss with you a new topic and that is , 'How to Pass Your ESL Job Application'. Isn't it amazing? :) If you don't find it amazing, well I've got no hold of your opinion but if you're planning to apply for this job, then you might find this blog interesting and helpful, in addition to my previous blog.


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My previous blog is 'Call Centre Versus ESL: Which is Which? (Part 2)'.

My goal at the end of this blog is to help you pass the ESL job position you're applying for and at least you'll have the confidence when you're applying and that you'll be able to give a unique impression to the company you're applying for.


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The things that I will be talking about here are the tips on how to pass either an ESL job application, both offline and online.

*DISCLAIMER: The things I'm going to discuss may not apply to all ESL School applications. These tips are just based on my own experience when I was applying for one. To add, these tips will mostly apply to those applicants whose English isn't their first language.

TIP #1: You should be knowledgeable in English.


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Of course, this should be the most important tip when applying. That's why it's important to have studied English with enough focus when you were on your school days. If your English skills are not yet good enough, that's still fine because not all English schools have high standards in application. What I mean is that as long as you know the basics and fundamentals of the language such as how to use simple past tense and simple present tense, then you're still good to go for them.


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However, I'm not saying that you should just limit yourself with what you have. You should still aim that before you apply, make sure to have more knowledge.

TIP #2: You should be well-prepared.

Before applying for an ESL School, make sure to know what it is all about.


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"What makes them different from all the other ESL Schools?"

"What is their vision, mission, and goal?"

"How did they start?"

Especially for the first two questions, you should know the answers because if you do, you'll be able to know what you'll write in your resume and it will make your resume dedicated only for the school alone. It will also help you smoothly answer some of the common questions in an interview such as:

"Why should I hire you?"

"Why do you want to work here in our School?".

It will give your interviewer 'straight to the point' and concise answers. If you are also well-prepared, it will help pump up your confidence, reduce the using of fillers such as 'uhm' in your sentences, and give you a feeling that you still have a lot of things to say to him.

*Aha! Now you know! :)


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Also, you should understand that you will also prepare for a class demonstration. Most ESL Schools ask their applicants to do such for them to see how the applicants do their classes. You can watch samples of class demonstrations on the internet before conducting your own class demonstration.

*Here is an example of a class demonstration:

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TIP #3: You should be confident.

*Can you feel the confidence being oozed by this person? You should be like her! :)


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Of course, you should also be confident especially during the interview. Confidence is one of the keys to success. How can the interviewer believe in what you're saying if you're not confident about it? If you sound nervous, do you think he'll believe in you? NO.

It's natural to be nervous. The point is that you shouldn't let nervousness get the best of you because  it can affect the quality of your voice when speaking and it is something that the interviewer doesn't want.

TIP #4: Always highlight your positive side.


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We have our own flaws and mistakes, but you should show the positive side of you as a person in the interview. If you are a cheerful person, then you may say that you are when the interviewer asks why he SHOULD hire you. Just remember to match your answers to the goal, vision, and mission of the company as well. If the company says that they are looking for excellent and goal-driven people, then you can say you always strive to be the best that you can and you tend to aim for the best results, provided that it's part of your personality. If they are looking for teachers who can teach English in a fun and easy way, then you can say that you are a creative person, provided that you are creative.

TIP #5: Make sure to turn those negative things into positive things.

This is mostly applicable to the question such as, "Why did you leave your last company?"

For example:

Question: Why did you leave your last company?

Answer: I left my previous company because I was not focused on my work due to the fact that my reason for working during that time was just solely to earn money and was not really deep. But now, I realized that I should work because I have some personal goals to achieve for myself and not just because I have to solely earn money. If I don't become serious with this job, then I won't be able to reach my goals in life.

Isn't it amazing? :)


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Sometimes, we are able to say negative things in an interview which the interviewer is not supposed to hear at. However in this situation, we should be able to turn those negative personalities into positive personalities like in the example above. However, make sure that you're going to say it not for the sake of giving satisfaction to the interviewer but for the sake of telling the truth.


ADDITIONAL TIP: Always have a good lighting in an online interview.

This is mostly applicable to online home-based job application. When you already have your interview but the lighting in your room is not enough, your face will be covered in shadow. Darker lighting in an online interview implies dishonestly to the interviewer, so you must know what will happen next.

*No to darker lighting!


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*Here is the video on how you can respond to the common ESL interview questions:

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These are my tips on how to pass your ESL job application. Please share this with your friends and don't forget to leave your comments down below. I shall see you in my next blog and have a great day!

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