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This is more of a confession and doctrine for me to embed into my head something I’ve learned, but hey, if it helps you out then I say go for it and read this article. I’ve always been one to build out a plan of attack. Most successful people set goals for themselves and knowing this I try to mimic the ones I know in setting my own as well. That said, that’s not enough. You need a plan of attack to get to the goals you seek. In business I do this consistently as in digital marketing you can quickly waste time and do nothing getting sucked into the internet. You need a plan. Always.

 I never really put that aspect of thinking into other realms of my life though. Why is still a mystery, but I think I always associated business as the priority so the other facets of life didn’t require a plan. Well this isn’t the most extreme scenario I can now say that I’ve felt the bite of not planning pretty intensely.

 I like running. I wrote a post about starting it awhile ago. It’s fun for me, keeps me active, and acts as a release when things get a tad too intense. I ran two miles everyday for two weeks. This was stupid. I got shin splits. Shin splints are where your shins will throb and bruise up where walking will now become an obstacle. Its what happens when you don’t rest.

After feeling the bite of not planning ahead or goal-setting for something I thought was for leisure I quickly bought a book recommended to me with a 13-week plan. I haven’t started it yet, but it’s the highest rated one there is.. I’m sure it won’t disappoint me. I might start today or tomorrow, but when you read this that’ll be whenever you read this. So lets hope by then I started this thing. I glanced it over a few times and yes – it confirms I was an idiot in doing it the way I thought was best.

So why share this? Never under estimate the importance of planning ahead. Never under estimate the importance of realizing you goal requires more than just defining the goal itself. Never underestimate the A-Team and their infamous slogan, “I love it when a plan comes together.”


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