How To Prevent Ebola Virus Infection

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Ebola Virus

This disease has killed 887 person from different places and the said confirmed Ebola Virus Disease cases has reached 1,600. This disease spreads so fast and no one is exempted from this disease, a man, a woman, elders and kids can be a victim of this deadly disease. There is nothing we can do once we have been contracted with this disease because there's no cure yet so avoiding or preventing it is the best thing we can do for the time being. Taking care of yourself is not a bad thing and you'll lose nothing if you take an extra care.

Ebola Virus Disease Prevention

There are few ways to prevent this so called "Ebola Virus Disease" from infecting us and everything will be stated below:

Avoid Direct Contact

Avoid direct contact with blood, saliva and urine of the people with unknown illness and also avoid direct contact with the body of the person who dies because of an unknown illness.

Animals To be Avoided

The animals which are stated below might be a carrier of the deadly disease "Ebola Virus Disease" so avoiding contact with these animals will be one of the best things to be done, dead or alive you must avoid these animals.

Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Monkey, Pig, Porcupine and Fruit Bat.

Study The Symptoms of EVD

Observe your health while and after the travel, if you had a fever or if you feel any other symptoms of EVD quickly go to your doctor and ask for medical attention.


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