How to protect my bitcoins? Security Part 1 of 3

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The bitcoin is one of the safest currencies, as mathematically speaking, is impassable. The only way for lovers of the alien from taking away our coins is finding out or stealing your passwords, what is known as private key.
anyway this happens with any meodo internet payment as paypal, or credit card, bank accounts, etcetera. If we have stolen the password or tell someone, we are exposed to being robbed, so in that sense there is nothing new.

Bitcoin security; rules to keep in mind.
• Do not tell anyone your private key: Normally the private key is stored and protected by the bitcoin application you are using. but in any way, you can also export it for use in other applications and even write it on a piece of paper. If you ever think you may have stolen the, just create a new address and send your bitcoins to this address

• Encrypts your purse always: The bitcoin wallets guard and protect the private key inside. However, this is not mandatory and many applications let you store private keys without pro weaving them with passwords. I do not recommend this option at all, it is mandatory tenr your encrypted monederi to the eyebrows with a good password.

• Do not lose or forget your password: The password that you set must be easy to remember for you. It is much more important to be longer than nonrandom. A long password as "Ensaladalechugatomatesfooddrive" is a lot safer than "9x6Pnj" Clearly if you can include some symbols even better.

• make a backup of your purse: purse or wallet Ues you use, you have a backup tenr if or if. The Bitcoin-Qt for example, allows you to export your wallet to a file that includes your key tods and that you should keep in a safe place.

• Tines have a computer completely clean: try to have your computer clean and in perfect magazine. Antivirus updated, good firewall, anti malware, et cetera

• forget about online portfolios: this kind of online portfolio is nice to have a small percentage of your bitcoins if your purpose is trade Forex with them, make small purchases, etcetera.
If you simply want to save them, forget about places like that, I would not trust a hair.

Well friends, this is the first part of three blogs, I hope you enjoyed :DD



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