How to recognize a serious piercing studio?

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There are now a lot of tattoo and piercing studio, but unfortunately not all pierce are as trained as one would like to see as a customer. Usually, however, the qualification can not be recognized at first sight. However, as you can see, whether a piercing studio is a serious or dubious, we want to explain by means of a short checklist.

Hygiene should be the first priority for every pierce. It is particularly important that all used instruments such as needles, Jewellery and gloves are sterile packed and the pierce disinfects hands and work materials before starting work.

With the following checklist you can also recognize as a layman whether you are a professional customer or not.

Checklist to recognize a professional piercing studio

1.) Cleanliness & hygiene

It is important that not only the studio makes a good impression, but also the pierce adheres to all hygiene regulations.

2.) Advice & non-binding first consultation

Important is that the pierce takes time for all questions and the customer does not push to the piercing.

3.) Qualification of the pierce

The pierce can have many years of experience and has a medical education.

4.) Professional clothing for piercing area

Professional training depends on the piercing studio or can be indicated against demand.

5.) Certificate & Proof

The piercing studio has a proof of safety, i. A certificate of hygiene.

6.) Sterile work materials

All utensils used are packaged and sterile

7.) Jewelry & materials

Only highly compatible, non-free Jewellery made of titanium or PTFE is used

8.) Care & support

Even after the pierce is still available for questions and shares a written care instructions.

9.) Declaration of consent

Prior to the piercings, a written consent must be signed, which also requires a health check, as well as an explanation of the risks associated with the surgery or piercing.

10.) Batch numbers

All materials used are managed in a documentation sheet, which is accompanied by the declaration of consent.

11.) Documentation

The pierce provides a brief description of the piercing and lists possible complications

If all these points are fulfilled and you have a good feeling as a customer, that the Piercing studio is a serious, in whose hands one likes to go, so one has found the right piercing studio.

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