How to reduce blood sugar level naturally

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I am a recently diagnosed diabetic. It runs in the family. Okay so I have to accept it and I did. I did a lot of study and found that cinnamon if included in the diet helps to lower blood sugar considerably. So, why should you be bothered? I shall explain. 

Modern processed foods contain a lot of white flour and refined sugar which is unhealthy. It cannot be avoided by many. To get healthy foods to eat is a blessing. So, to avoid getting many diseases in the future, simply include cinnamon in your diet. It is a prevention as well as cure too. 

Please read online reports about it and you will be convinced. You can powder cinnamon sticks and include a pinch of the powder in curries or foods that you eat. eating neem leaves is also good but since neem is not available throughout, it is wise to include cinnamon. If you start practicing this now, you can continue living a healthy life. 

Note of warning: Those who have low blood sugar and low pressure should consult a doctor before eating it. Pineapple also lowers blood pressure. There are many othe natural cures too. I will write later after a detailed study. 

I did eat neem and tested my glucose and it showed pre diabetic. So, if I continue this before my next test, I may be given a tablet/pill which is of lesser strength. 


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