How to remove the unpleasant smell of a dog

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It’s never fun to be near a stinking dog, no matter how cute it is. From this text you will learn how to solve the stink of your dog in order to enjoy his society again.

Step 1
Take the dog to a veterinarian (not subject to regular controls). A veterinarian will tell you if your dog’s stink has anything to do with whether your dog is sick. If he tells you that the dog is not ill, then try the following:

Step 2
Buy a shampoo for dogs (the regenerator is not required, and its use depends on the type of dog hair). Try to find the one who removes it, not just concealing the stench. Wash your dog thoroughly and then dry it well.

Step 3
Clean your dog’s ears to avoid waxing. Very dirty ears can be red or swollen and may attract ear mites.
Take care of the dental hygiene of your dog. Bad teeth cause an unpleasant breath.
Buy poorly perfumed cologne water for dogs and sprinkle the path of your dog, which will be a solution for a shorter time.

Step 4
Put all the cloths on which the dog is sleeping and cover it in the washing machine. Wash them with cold water. Take care when adding softeners because they can irritate the dog’s skin.
Put all these things in the machine for drying (which you will set to a lower temperature) or spread them out to dry out.
Rinse with a hose or a little house in which your dog is sleeping. If the basket or cottage is very dirty, tape it with a sponge or toothbrush and a mild liquid for vessels that are biodegradable.
Repeat once a week or once every fourteen days, depending on the need.

Step 5
Try to switch to food prepared at home. Some dog foods may cause gases to your pets, unpleasant smell or shiny hair that smells unpleasant.
Have a groomer (a dog care professional) or a veterinarian show you how to empty your dog’s anal glands.

Some tips: For beds for dogs that have a blanket to be removed, try to insert a lavender bag between the covers and the bed to get a clean, fresh scent. If you do, maybe the lavender will also have a calming effect on your dog.

Warning: Avoid feeding your dog with chocolate, onion, grapes, dried grapes, potatoes, avocados, nuts, and foods containing caffeine and xylitol. This food can be harmful, even poisonous to dogs.
You must have the help of a professional when you first clean your anal glands of your dog. Errors can lead to serious infections.dogs

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