How to save new generations from deplorable condition of modern society.

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How to save new generations   from deplorable condition of modern society.


As we know once time passed will never return, same our lives passed will never come back. If I observe the world's people I see different types of people belong to different religions, places, and countries.



Their customs, lifestyles, dressing, languages, foods are different. But one thing is same.



That man is a social animal. It cannot live alone, it has need of friends and family.






When i talk about the family the first name come in mind, ''Parents '', (mom and dad)



Parents spend their whole lives for their children. They take care of their children. Help them, work day and night to provide every possible facility to their children.



But the question is what the children do?


They become young and parents expect that they will take care of us but children after being young send parents the old age house. And became tension free from old parents.


At the same stage of life they became parents and their children also send them in old age houses. In United States, and many others countries old age houses amount is increasing. And it also in Muslim countries, that is very shameful.








And that types of children are being addict of bad habits, if you can visit ,any western county , Such as , America , London ,  Europe, etc. , there are young generations are involved in bad habits , such as , drinking ,pretense of fashion wearing short dresses, passing nights in beer bar , dancing in clubs , smoking , drugging , making boyfriends and girlfriends , passing time with them but not with parents. 



In the result of these types of habits they became victim of these diseases, skin diseases, cancer, uric acid caused by alcohol, aids, obesity, drug addiction,  etc





Everyone is worried from these problems of society.


Best tips to save new generations form deplorable condition of society. *


* Children should take care of parents in same way their parents had done.


* Parents should pass time with their young children and they should make rules for them to follow from early stage of life.


* Parents should consider the children from their childhood, these are bad habits you will not go to near them if you did we will punish you. And God is seeing you every time he must punish you. If you conceal from us you cannot conceal from God.




* By telling moral stories you can save your children such as '' tit for tat. '' Means as you did you will find same in your life that is rule of life.


* Last and most important solution of all these problems is,


* Try to make children responsible, and obedient of parents and elders. These are small tips but most effective. *** After being teenager they should take care of parents and love them.


And if Teenager start hearing their parents and teachers, they will never destroy their lives and future. If they start passing time with parents helping them, feeling that their parents love too much, they will caring them And will not go out insearch of  friends,  and escape from bad passing time in bars ,clubs , etc.  And then i give 100 % surety our new generations will save from bad effect of modern society. ***









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