How to save women from being raped

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As rapes continue without any reform to the minds of distorted people all over the world (not generalizing), there has to be action taken against those who think it is okay to hurt and destroy a woman both physically and mentally. A woman is born to be loved, to be cared for so that she can help with the continuation of the human kind and not considered as a piece of enjoyment. Some patriarchs think women as lowly, they do not give her respect and trade girls who are still kids for money. Shame on such people. 

Instead of just reading about rapes, signing a social media petition and moving off toward other daily jobs, we should all take ACTIONS AGAINST SUCH CRIMINALS. 

1. Warn women against going alone through places that are deserted or lonely. Even if there are companions, it is better to carry self defense weapons or pepper sprays. 

2. Form groups of local residents for patrol in troubled areas. The police will help when more people are involved. e.g. there were many thefts in +Thripunithura a suburb in our city and local residents formed groups (25) of night patrol and they would roam the streets at night with sticks and torches. They put an end to the thefts by catching the thieves who had killed people for stealing during the night, especially when they were glued to the tv sets at night. Such groups can be formed to catch rapists if ever they come to trouble girls traveling alone. It may sound impossible but we have to ensure safety of women and girls. 

3. I am a woman. Women may talk about equality and such stuff. This is applicable only in places which are safe, not in the streets where anti social elements may roam, drunk, in the night. Please never ever stray alone in the dark without proper vehicle or companions. Never send little girls alone even if it is to a neighbors' house. Life now is even more dangerous.

4. Never trust a stranger and never leave a little one with a stranger or anyone you are unsure of. Some people have a knack of talking others into revealing personal secrets and taking them into confidence. Treat every new person with a distance and never trust a kid with them. 

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