How to Select Green Apple

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Selecting Green apples:

  • While buying green apples look for firm, brightly coloured apples having no bruises or damaged, shrivelled skin.
  • It is always better to prefer individual apples over the pre-bagged one. This way you’ll be able to smell the apples before paying for them. Never buy the apples that smell musky.

Storing Green apples:

The best place to store green apples is in your refrigerator. Wrap the apples up in a perforated plastic bag and place them in the coldest area of your refrigerator after sprinkling them with water. This-way your apples will stay fresh for almost two to three weeks.

Normal room temperature can also be quite suitable for storing green apples for a short time. Just make sure to check them regularly since they will ripen more rapidly than if placed in the refrigerator.



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