How to speak well in public?

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If  you are nervous or afraid of the scene during of talking in public, you seems to be hesitant and uncertain, your voice may tremble, speaking too slowly or ambiguous or you may talk too fast and quickly. For how to speak in public with confidence, in this case follow these points:

1- way of speaking (diction) to be clear

Precise and clear articulation will cause you confidence. Therefore try more to make better your articulation, express the words clear and firmly. If you do not pronounce some letters specially at the end of the words, it indicate your nervousness and anxiety. Most of people with confidence articulate the words clearly. Thus you need to articulate clearly what you are trying to say.

 2-Set up your voice

People with confidence are easily can be heard. If you speak too slowly, audience think you are uneasy or nervous even it is not true that you are anxiety or they think your talks are not important, So try to speak loudly that every one can hear you easily. Do not afraid from your voice, talk loudly. if it is hard for you, try to request a microphone or visit a lecturer to learn from him that how you can rise your voice during of speech. Your vice should not be too slow which the audience sharpen their ears to can hear you well. In this case speak loudly to make sure you have confident.

 3Take a pause

Do not be hurry in your speech, some time take a pause during of talking. Of course, it is not interesting for you, but with taking a pause you give a chance for audience to understand you well, if there are many audiences your pause should be longer. People with confidence usually taking pause within their speech and it is a common thing for them.

 4Finish your statement with a short pause

Rather than to speak quickly with out a pause, it is better to separate sentences from each other by taking a short pause. Sometime when people are nervous and worry, instead of to take a short pause at the end of the sentence to indicate their sentence is finished, they use some words such as aee, hooom,….etc. in this case, it reduces impact of your speaking on audiences. Reassure yourself that what you have said was very good because to be able to have a pause before starting next statement. Try to fill the space between your sentences with a silence, and this is the time to think about starting next statement.

5- control the speed of your speech

speaking with anxiety are often harsh and relentless. Some of speakers are speaking too fast and grab and continuing with out taking a breath, while the speakers with confidence observe appropriate speed even some of them are talking slowly and it reveals their importance of some words. Therefore speaking too fast will ignore the important messages which you desired to transfer for audiences. With your low and high voice you seems confident and also the words you saying will be important for audiences.

 6Obey the usage of grammar

If you speak steady, it will be boring for audiences, so try to create some variety in your voice, express the words with low and high voice, in other words give light and shadow to your expressions. If the thing you saying is important, try to express it in a way that specified the importance in those words, then you can draw the attention of the audience.

 7low your voice at the end of statement

If you are not sure and worry, your voice will rise at the end of the sentence and your sentence declare as a interrogative sentence, rising of voice at the end of the sentence cause you anxiety and uncertainty, while your sentence is an assertive or imperative sentence. For instance, if you saw the announcers of the televisions you would considered they low their voice at the end of the sentence to show the power and importance of the news, even if the news is exciting, you should low your voice to maintain your confident and declare the important of the news.   

Finally wish I could transfer some information about how to speak in public, and seeing forward for any question and comment.

Written by: Haroon Mehrzad 

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