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A fast -paced lifestyle gives us little time to introspect and recuperate.with high stress levels and anxiety, we sometimes allow ourselves to be disturbed by negative thoughts and emotions.The food that we eat also affects the body at a physical and mental level.

 In order to be truly healthy not only do you need to eat in balance,but also maintain a balanced state of mind.

keeping a positive attitude will have a cleansing effect on the mind.

Taking long walks ,meditating or even practicing yoga can put your mind at peace.

Eat only when you are hungry.You must keep an interval of at least four hours between two meals.So roughly,eat your breakfast at 8 am,lunch should be at 12 pm, evening snacks at 4 pm and dinner at 8 pm.

Eat in a relaxed ,happy and a positive frame of mind. Your body cannot assimilate nutrients from the food when you eat in a disturbed phase.

Be conscious about what you eat.Observe what effect a particular food has on your system.Whether it causes gas and acidity or it is easy to digest.

Eat food with a certain amount of detachment. When regular food is served to you, you lose your appetite and become unhappy. You must eat food for the nutrients that it offers, and not only because of its taste.

When you eat natural foods,you will slowly acquire a taste for them and your body will remain in good shape.

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