how to succeed in life

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All power is within you.., Believe in that, do not believe that you are weak..,Stand up and express the divinity within you....

Ay, let every man and woman and child, without respect of caster or birth, hear and learn that behind everyone there is that Infinite Soul, assuring the infinite possibility and the infinite capacity of all to become great and good.

Never say,"NO", never say, "I cannot", for you are infinite....You can do anything and everything, you are almighty.

Say,"Everything is in me, and I can manifest it at will."

We are the children of the Almighty, we are sparks of the infinite, divine fire. How can we be nothing? We are everything ,ready to do everything; we can do everything, and man must do everything .

What queer humility is this to say, "I know nothing!" "I am nothing" This is pseudo-renunciation and mock-modesty, I tell you . Off with such a self debasing spirit

Cherish positive thoughts. By dwelling too much upon negativism, the whole country is going to ruin!....What a botheration !  In  every soul is infinite strength and should you turn yourselves into cats and thoughts? Who dares to preach negativism? That sort  of self-deprecating attitude is another name for disease-do you call that humility ? It is vanity in disguise !......Hurl yourselves on the world like an avalanche -let the world crack in twain under your weight !

Be of good cheer and believe that we are selected by the Lord to do great thing and we will do them.

If you have a clouded face do not go out that day, shut yourself up in your room. What right have you to carry this disease out into the world?

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