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Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook, Inc. which first introduced in 2004. Facebook was initially limited strictly for Harvard students to connect and communicate. However, by 2006, anyone age(s) 13+ with a valid email address could create a Facebook account. There are currently over 1.3 billion active Facebook users every month, with the number growing significantly on a daily basis. Over 800 million people logon to Facebook every day! In addition to these incredible statistics, the average time spent during each visit averages to approximately 20 minutes. This means there is a substantial amount of time spent on Facebook everyday - but what are people using Facebook for during those 20 minutes of browsing?

The above image is an infographic explaining what users are engaging in during the average 20-minute browse.

With the number of Facebook users and the amount of time spent on Facebook substantially increasing, it is crucial for businesses and social media marketers to understand how to properly apply the use of Facebook to their business or market niche. If you are a business owner or employee of a business, chances are either your business or a competitor in the same field or niche has a Facebook Business page. It is even more likely that you have a personal Facebook profile. Using a Facebook Business page is a great way to promote and market your business for free! It is also a great way to engage in your audience, so that you may better understand your customers needs, likes and dislikes. 

Personal Facebook Profile vs. Business Page

Having a personal profile on Facebook is an important step - particularly for business owners. Although you can interact with people via your Facebook Business page, you may want to use your personal Facebook profile to interact with upset customers. This will help you obtain a more personable experience, and makes the customer feel more important and comfortable. The following are a few simple steps for creating and managing a professional looking personal Facebook profile:

  1. The ideal profile image size is 640x640 pixels.
  2. The ideal cover photo size is 851x315 pixels.
  3. Update profile picture and cover photo regularly - once a month if possible.
  4. Use personal profile to promote business and other social media profiles.
  5. Use relevant meme's to keep followers engaged and entertained.

By following these 5-simple steps, you will maintain a professional image when users view your personal Facebook profile. It is also important to completely fill out all sections of your personal profile in the "About" section - located under Facebook settings. Include keywords, links and websites that are relevant and important to you and your niche or field of study. Use an in-depth description of your hobbies, and make sure to include important events on your Facebook Timeline. This will give other users a much more genuine understanding of you and what you represent and like, creating more engagement and a more personable connection for other users.

Facebook Business pages are essential for businesses and large organizations. Having a Facebook Business page is one of the easiest ways to market your brand and image - for free! Users are able to like and follow your page, enabling them to stay up to date with news and offers. As with a personal profile, the profile and cover photo should be updated regularly, unless the brand chooses to use a designated logo or trademark. A way to incorporate a new image is to include the logo or trademark as part of another image, or use it as a mirror effect for an image to be posted proportionally and directly next to the logo - side by side.

Thank you for reading. By following the steps and examples listed in this article, you will be on the road to success when using Facebook to market your brand, image or idea. Be sure to subscribe to us for more updates and tips about Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization! Everyone have a wonderful week ahead!

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