How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

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For centuries priests have been warning that when hell fills up zombies will walk the earth. Are you prepared to deal with that? Here are some tips for surviving the "Rise of the Zombies".
First you'll need to lock all doors and windows.If a zombie sees an opening he'll try to enter. Never hide in a low location. Zombies tend to stumble into low areas. They don't climb well so try to maintain the high ground.
Your survival also depends on you willingness to give up everything. This includes friends and family. Once a person becomes a zombie there is no turning back. You'll have to kill your friend or family member if needed.
Remember that zombies will travel in packs. They will get smarter as time goes on. Don't under estimate them. Zombies will always grab at you, so a small pistol would be the best weapon. Of course don't overlook a hammer, board or any thing to hit with.

In order to kill a zombie, you must destroy it's brain. Hurting any other part of the body will not be fatal, and will only slow him down. This is fine for a get away, but don't be surprised if you see that zombie again.
If at some point you must leave your shelter, dress appropriately. Don't go out in shorts and a short sleeve shirt. You don't want skin to be exposed. Just one bite and you'll be switching teams. Layer your clothes. Try to make it tough for a bite to reach your skin. 

Travel in packs if possible. Don't make the pack too large. You will have food and water issues. A smaller pack makes this easier to deal with. Also, keep an eye on those around you. Someone could be hiding a bite. A bite leads to becoming a zombie.
Try do avoid using vehicle. There are gas issues as well as road blockage. If you must use a vehicle, make sure it has a large gas tank, is high enough to climb over bodies of dead zombies, and powerful enough to run through road blocks. You want power not gas mileage. Take the four wheeler not the Prius.
When hiding remember that zombies will try to do the things they did while living. Stay away from places where large crowds gather. The mall, grocery store are bad choices. Get your supplies from a smaller food store. Less chance of running into zombies. The less entrances and exits the better control you'll have. Always keep your supplies as portable as possible. You never know when you may have to abandon your hideout.

There you have it. You may be laughing now, but someday you will be thanking me for this information. That is if we both survive. See you in zombie land!

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