How to tackle “Red signals” in your life!

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Life is a journey. For your existence, you have to keep on moving. Likewise in travelling on road, you find signals in the way. Some are green some are red. What does green signal indicates? It indicates that path is clear; there is no hindrance. Keep on moving. On the other hand, there is red signal that forces you to stop. Red signals disturb your journey.

Same is the case in our life. When we talk about the “Red Signals” in or life, it means that we are talking about those people, those circumstances and those objects that are hindering our journey. So how to tackle “Red signals”  in our life?

Make a list of those people, circumstances, objects and our own habits that are playing the role of Red signals in our life.

Sometimes you feel that there is a red signal in your life. You analysis the circumstances, you search for a person but there is no such person who is becoming your red signal. So where and who is red signal then? So in such situations you are the one who are becoming red signal for yourself. Sometimes your habits, your thoughts, your approach become red signal for you. So in such situations, the first step to tackle red signal is to make you realize that:

“I cannot always control what goes on outside; but I can always control What goes on inside.”

                                                                  (Dr. Wayne Dyer)

Observe your habits:

                                In your life, most of time you unconsciously develop a habit which becomes a Red signal for you. So always observe your habits. Your habits become your nature and your nature becomes your destiny.

Guard your thoughts:

                If you think negative, you act negatively, if you think positive you approach positively. So never let your negative thoughts become your Red signals. Before taking any new assignment or project or any work; never let your mind think that you will not be to complete this.

Don’t get frustrated on the things you cannot change:

                There are lots of things in the world which are needed to be changed. But you cannot change them. So don’t get frustrated over those things. Let them going as they are. In simple words mind your own business and keep on moving towards your goal.

Never let anyone else to write your destiny:

                Don’t let anyone to write your destiny. Hold the pen in your own hand. You are the lucky one if you have the same passion and profession.

Have a big goal:

                Having a big goal in your life gives you a definite direction, set your goal and then try hard to get it. When you set a bigger goal; little problems don’t bother you.

Have a role model:

                Find a role model for your life. The role model must be the one who had got his aim by tackling all the “Red Signals” in his life. Having a role model gives you the strength to get your aims. i.e “if he could do; why not me”

Progressive attitude:

                Bear a progressive attitude. Never say “no” to change. Keep on developing yourself. You are living in a period of rapid change. So always be ready to be the change.  



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                    Umair Ali

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