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 Picture me this: you’re preparing for an evening dinner with your soon to (hopefully) be fiancé in a very formal restaurant that requires a suit and tie. So you feel ready, planned the entire romantic evening, have your shirt and suit pressed, shoes shined, when it hits you…oh no, how do you tie a tie!?

 Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place as I have the not-so-secret formula on how to quickly and easily tie a tie, specifically the noble, gentlemanly (Fanfare please) Windsor Knot!

 Now if you’re thinking, why struggle? Just get a clip on. Well, you can but I feel a standard Windsor brings a lot more class to the table. So before I take up too much of your time, let us begin!

 First and foremost, bring a tie and practice while you read. So, the right should be slightly longer than your left; take the wide end and cross over the narrow end.

Bring the wide end through the loop and back down. This is where it can get tricky but here goes. Take the wide end, pull underneath the narrow end and pull through the loop toward the right.

Then pull it again to the right so your wide end will be facing inside out. This is the foundation for the symmetrical knot.

Now to close it off simply take your wide end across the front (right to left), then pull it through the loop and down through the knot.

Finally, adjust your collar and there you have it! Simple enough isn’t it? Well, it may take more than one try to get it right, but have faith, practice makes perfect!


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