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Many of my referrals asking me frequently about verifying their identity to bitlanders and which type of documents bitlanders team will ask for verification. So today I wanna share some basic information about Bitlanders account and identity verification, but before that you must have to know why verification of your account is important.

Importance of account verification

I recommend all of my referrals to join with that email address which they are using at their payment processors (Paypal / Payza), Just because bitlanders will ask you to verify your account with some identification documents. It is most important for withdraw your earnings from bitlanders.


To redeem your Rewards, you need to verify your account with an identification document. 

(Quoted from Bitlanders)


Remember; you can`t own multiple accounts at bitlanders. So it is important to use bitlanders with your real name and have some proof for your identity, if you wanna withdraw your rewards from bitlanders.


Can I redeem my Rewards with an anonymous account?

For security reasons we cannot send your Rewards until your account is verified. For more information please contact bitLanders Support.

If you do not wish to disclose your identity and would rather stay anonymous, your may only use your earned Rewards to purchase any virtual item available on our Online Store to enhance your avatar or perform premium tasks on the website. 


Please NOTE: Providing fake identification document will lead to the termination of your Account.

(Quoted from Bitlanders)


According to this FAQ section, if you will not verify your account and identity you can`t cash out from bitlanders but may use your reward only for purchasing virtual items in bitlanders Online store, you may buy items for your avatar or buy Gems for content review etc.

Verification of your account is also important because your rewards will expire in 12 months, so before that you must have to send your documents at


Will my Rewards expire?

Yes, your monthly rewards will become unavailable if not requested within 12 months.

(Quoted from Bitlanders)


So now you know the importance of verification of your identity. Now I will tell you how to verify your account and which type of documents you need for approval.


How to verify Account?

Most of the newbies requested to withdraw when the reached minimum payout $10. When you withdraw your first cash out from here, bitlanders team will send you an email at your registered email address with bitlanders.

I am quoted here that email text, please read it carefully.


Your bitLanders Rewards & account verification



For security reasons we cannot send you your Rewards until you provide us with a scan or a picture of an identification document where your picture, name and document ID is clearly visible. 


To verify your bitLanders Account, please provide us:

(1) One clearly readable identification document 

with your picture, name and document ID

, such as passport, national ID card, driving license, health insurance card, school card etc.

(2) Selfie verification: a picture of yourself holding said document and a paper with the "bitLanders" writing on it.

(3) The nickname or email address connected to your bitLanders account.


If you do not wish to disclose your identity and would rather stay anonymous, your may cancel your payment request and you may use your earned Rewards to purchase any virtual item available on our Online Store to enhance your avatar or perform premium tasks on the website. Or you may choose to donate to charities by purchasing donation gift cards on the store.

For related information please see "REWARDS & WITHDRAWAL" - section "Can I redeem my Rewards with an anonymous account?" in the FAQs:

Please NOTE: 

(1) Providing fake identification documents will lead to the termination of your Account.

(2) Please allow up to 7 business days for our team to review the documents.

(3) Owning multiple accounts is not allowed, therefore using the same identification documents for multiple accounts verification will be rejected.


·  How to redeem your Rewards on bitLanders:

You can redeem your Rewards from the “My Rewards” page by clicking on “Withdraw”.

You can choose between Paypal or Payza payouts.

You will be asked to provide your e-mail address. After your Rewards have been sent, you will receive a notification from Paypal/Payza to claim them.

·  How long does it take to receive my Rewards?:

Please allow a few business days to receive your Rewards. 

To cancel orders, see the status and history of your orders, please go to your "MY ORDERS" page:


Thanks for your cooperation.



Thanks for using bitLanders!

The bitLanders Team

(Quoted from Bitlanders email)


According to this email we will follow three steps for verification of our identity.

  1. Identification documents

  2. Selfie verification.

  3. Nick name and Email address.


1.  Identification documents

To verify your account you must have to send identification documents to bitlanders support, that document must have clearly visible your name and picture. You may use your National Identity card for this purpose because everyone must have CNIC, it is also a proof that you are 18 years old. If you don`t wanna send your national identity card you may use other documents for verification as your passport or driving license.

As this blog is especially for Pakistani users, and most of the Pakistanis have ordinary CNIC which is printed in URDU language, so they confuse how to send documents which are not in ENGLISH language. If you have SMART CARD of CNIC, it is good, because smart Identity cards are printed in both languages (URDU and English). Unfortunately most of Pakistani members don’t have driving license too and also don`t have wealth to travel outside of country so never applied for passport too, so how they verify their accounts.

Don`t worry, here is the solution.

When you will send your CNIC with only URDU language, must mention in your email for bitlanders team that you don`t have other documents (Driving license and Passport) and your National identity card is printed in your national language. Also compose your name in URDU with the help of Unicode into your email, so bitlanders team will translate your name and match from scanned ID card photo.

 (Picture credit: SBARockx)


If other bitlanders members from outside of Pakistan have same issue and have their CNIC in their native language, they may also apply from this method.


2.  Selfie verification.

In step 2, you have to verify your identity with a self-picture.


Simply write BITLANDERS on a clean paper, hold that paper with identification document, and take a picture.

Attaching a sample picture here for better understanding



(Picture credit: SBARockx)


3.  Nick Name and Email Address.

In step 3, you just have to mention your nick name and email address you are using for your bitlanders account.

I recommend when you are taking selfie picture with paper, write your nickname too with bitlanders.

Hope you will easily understand this simple method for your account and identity verification with bitlanders.


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If you have any question, you may contact me.

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Remember: Helping each other will give you a chance to earn more.

Wish you good luck for your earnings.

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