How to win 500$ with facebook

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Did you know you can earn a minimum of 500 dollars for reporting security flaws in facebook?
First of all I must say that to get that money must tenr a series of computer knowledge, as to discover security flaws, do not know anyone. The good news is that you can pay $ 500 a week, a month or even a few minutes. it all depends on your skills in computer security, good luck :D

Facebook Bug Bounty:
Internet security is a problem that affects us all, but especially to large companies. These ganastan thousands of dollars to protect themselves from attacks and search infidenidad vulnerabilities. Facebook, as one of the platafrmas with over million users worldwide, has to deal with this problem in a much more aggressive way than other companies.

Although they have in their squad with dozens of people dedicated to this function, offering users the possibility to help you find fault with your system that can be exploited by hackers and all types of computer criminals.

Facebook pays its users a minimum of 500 dollars for each security flaw or "bug" they find.You heard right! if you are able to find a security hole in your sustema, you can take 500 dollars, "by the face". And that minimum.

The minimum is fixed in that finite amount but there is no maximum. All depends on how big and important is the decision you've found. As I have been able to ascertain, the largest amount paid facebook a person was $ 20,000.

If I find a bug as reported?

Simple enter this page and follow the correct procedure. 

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