How to Write a Movie Review

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When you’re writing a film review the first thing you need to think about is how you organize your writing.


You should organize your writing in to this basic format.

  1. Paragraph: Introduction
  2. Paragraph: Content
  3. Paragraph: Favorite Scene
  4. Paragraph: Favorite Actor/Actress/Character
  5. Paragraph: Rating
  6. Paragraph: Conclusion

Paragraph: Introduction


Paragraph 1 is your introductory paragraph you need to make sure that you introduce the reader what you are going to discuss. Be careful not to use things like “in this film review I will discuss” try to remember that writing is not that casual you need to have an element of professionalism in to your writing that will make you sound like an adult journalist.

Don’t give all the information in this paragraph you need to make sure that you leave a little bit more information left  “sad or exciting”  to share with your readers so that they continue to read your film review. If you reveal everything right away at the beginning people aren’t likely to finish reading your whole review.

 Find a way to “hook” your reader by writing an appealing sentence that makes your reader "curious" or "anxious" about the film for example use something like this is the best film I have ever seen or in this film you sit on the edge on your seat the entire time or something that makes film wonder why it’s the best film or wonder why you have enjoyed it so much but definitely make sure that you introduce them to the basic concept of film and the overall massage of the story.

Paragraph : Content


In paragraph 2 this is where you start to explorer little bit more detail about the content of the story in this paragraph you will give a brief summary about what happened in movie kind of think beginning, middle, ending and you may have only four sentences for that brief summary for example the beginning of the movie should be summarize in one sentence the middle of movie can have two sentences and the ending should be a four. If you really want to stretch you can probably have a 5th sentence to describe what happened in the movie but try to make things to the point. Discuss why you thought the film was fascinating, boring, predictable, confusing, clever, etc. make sure that you really explain why that film fit in to those categories for you and don’t forget to defend your reasoning make sure use evidence don’t you say that film was boring tell me why the film was boring, was it boring because of the lack of action on the screen, was it boring because simply a guy sitting on the beach talking to a volleyball for two years straight, why was it boring what was interesting about it, was it fascinating, what do you win, what kept you watching, what kept you on to your seat entire film?

Paragraph: Favorite Scene


In Paragraph 3 you can discuss a favorite scene from the movie you should be able to clearly describe a scene that you enjoyed most in the movie. Try to write down just the one scene if you have more than one scene in this paragraph your writing will get length, wordy and curious for your readers to read so you need to think about.

  • What makes that scene so special?
  • Was it the action and the unusual way it was designed?
  • Was there a surprise?
  • Was the dialogue intriguing?

Did you like a particular aspect of the event for example there was multiple explosions and you really are a junkie for action? Make sure you also consider things like the Photography or the cinematography that was going on during this part of the film possibly the music don’t forget “Music” Music can be one of the most critical element whether  the film was not enjoyable, Music can add suspense, interest, sadness, anger, happiness or confusion. Music has all sorts of abilities to add in to a film maybe the special effects and directing and whether or not they played a role in creating a special moment.

Paragraph: Favorite Actor/Actress/Character


In the 4th paragraph this is where you will discuss your favorite Actor/Actress or Character that was in the film so describe which actor or actress gave the best performance, i will do this by very clearly explaining which character this was in the film and from there you take it and you describe it who the actress/actor is for example in the movie “Ever After” Drew Barrymore plays the character of Cinderella but the actress is Drew Barrymore so keep that in your mind when you are writing. Also in this paragraph you should discuss which character was most appealing and this doesn’t mean which one was best looking this means which one appealed you the most , which one made the most sense to you, which one did you understand the most, which one that you find you are the most compatible to be friends with. Try to explain with facts or observations what made them so special for example this character was so special because of his unique way of explaining everything to her friend, think about what the actor did that was so different than the other actors in the movie Ender’s Game think about Ender he had a very specific way of speaking and showing his emotions on his face, so his facial expressions were little bit more expressive than average actors of his age. REMEMBER it is okay for the best actor/actress in the movie to be someone who is not the star character of the movie oftentimes actors in supporting roles can come out really surprise us and really show us that true acting is not always the big actor or the headline actor of a movie

Paragraph: Rating


In paragraph 5 this is where you can actually give the film your rating. 4/5 stars or a system similar to the rotten tomatoes site and make sure you defend why you feel this way

  • Was the movie better? Why? Why not?
  • Was the screen play poorly written?
  • Were the actor/actresses bad?
  • Was the movie too long? Short?
  • Was the music not interesting?

And in the last

  • What could have been done better?


Paragraph: Conculusion


In this paragraph try to write something that maintains your readers interest while you review what you have written in the review itself

Avoid tacking on sentences that add no information to your writing

Avoid statements such as:

In conclusion…

In summary…

I really enjoyed this movie a lot.

It was exciting and lot of fun.

I sure would like to see it again.

Instead use sentences such as:

Everyone should have devoted friends as portrayed in “Friends”.

You’d better have a good friend with you when you watch the predictable “Friends”. T.V.shows. That way, you will have somebody to talk to when things get dull.

Finishing Touches:

Call your review something catchy

South Park: A Place for Clever Kids

Seinfeld Silliness

The Terminator Need Terminating

Hunger Games: That will make You Want To Vomit

Twilight: Is it Bed Time Yet?


Make sure you have followed the format, Thank you

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