How too Make Money With Dailymotion

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How To Make Money With DailyMotion


Make money money with dailymotion is best choise to earn online.becouse its dont have to pay any thing to daily motion.and quick monetize videos.sing up to dailymotion.become partner and then upload your videos and you are going earn its easyest way to earn money online.i will tell you how to make money with dailymation
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Earnings Report
 Website Value:      $176,824,990.97
 Daily Revenue:                $38,144.93
 Monthly Revenue:     $1,144,347.90
 Yearly Revenue:      $13,922,899.48
 *All earnings values are estimates only
Traffic Report
 Daily Unique Visitors:                           4,768,117
 Monthly Unique Visitors:                 143,043,510
 Daily Pageviews:                                 21,075,076
 (4.42 per visitor)
  *All traffic values are estimates only.


How Much Can I Earn..?
Answer is unlimited,here you can earn what ever you want but its depend on you how you can and how its work.Generally you can earn in two bases.first one is the number of ads that are played on your videos and second one the revenue generated by the ads played on your videos.This is determined by the average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) that your videos receive.Theses two factors can vary from channel to channel: country of viewership, type of content, etc.

Let's say you have 10,000 views on your videos every month, that 70% of them contain a pre-roll ad and that those pre-rolls generate an average CPM of 12 dollars, you could be making 4,200 dollars per month.

Here is a break down of the maths:
1 000 000 views x 70% with an ad impression = 700 000 impressions
700 000 x 12/1000 revenue from ads = 8,400 dollars
8,400/2 (the 50/50 split between you and the platform in the partner program) = 4,200 dollars.
How Do I Get Paid..?
There are two ways you get paid by dailymotion one is Paypal Method and second one is Bank Account get paid once every month if the payble revanue exceed $100.
Requirement for Make Money With DailyMotion

DailyMotion Partner Account + Your Video + Paypal Account/Bank Account
How to Create DailyMotion Partner Account..?

All you need a E-mail account or googleplus account or facebook account to sign-up with dailymotion partner account.after follow the step you can create account in a can see below the example.
Go to

Now Go to All the way down to the participate section

Click on Monetize Tab

Click on Get Started

Now sign-up with your E-mail address or Googleplus or Facebook Account.

Fill up the Detail and click Create

Click on Enable Monetization

Please Read Dailymotion partner term and condition and click on I Agree.

After click on i agree you get pop-up massage to succesfull become dailymotion partner

How to Make Money with DailyMotion..?
Now you know how to become daily motion partners. okay here the question is how to make money?there are three ways to earn money in dailymotion.

(1)Video Monetization : Video monetization is best choise to earn money. here you can Earn revenue from ads served on your videos.means after become partner you are enable to monetize your videos.and thats it when ever you upload your videos its atomaticaly show ads around you videos.and you make money.Text Ads/Image Ads appear around your videos and video Advertisement show before,after and middle of your videos.

(2)Paid Content : This option is like Rent your videos on demand or on a monthly subscription basis to earn just set your price for certain time and your videos goes for rent on dailymotion.
Go to Video Setting

(3)Website Monetization : these feature is best if you have website ,you need to verify your website and you can Embed Dailymotion videos on your websites and earn a share of advertising you can earn just for sharing others videos on your site.for verify your site go to channel setting , click on web site monetization, now you have to verify your site to embed daily motion video,then click on add site,type just your domain name. dont include http or www,then click on veryfy daily motion give you code which you have put in your site for verification verification takes 24 hours to verify your site.

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