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Environment means our surrounding in which we live.Every things that are present in our surrounding makes the environment.Some are present naturally such that trees,plants,water,grace,air mountains,birds,animals and some are present artificially like Buildings,machines,factories,automobiles,roads,villages and cities etc.

In our earth two types of things are present one of those who are healthy and necessary for better environment that are usually natural things made by God.But some are not beneficial for our environment that things are man made things which are destroy the naturals beauty.

Today our environment is in a very bad condition due to lots of population,huge buildings,pollutions,lots of factories which release dangerous gases,air pollution water pollution,increasing of automobiles,soil pollution and also noise pollution.

All these things are effects on environment.In Pakistan a large amounts of tress are cutting day by day for making buildings.The dangerous chemical of factories and waste material are release in the water and also on the land that would destroy the natural beauty and make the environment polluted.

In order to clean and fresh environment we must take the step to control on cutting tress.The waste material should be recycled and the factories that release chemicals should be banned and also to control on population because it is important to live.

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