How we can achieve to our goal and objective

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Every human in his mind has goal and objective, which some of them a chief in their goal and objective and some of them do not because of problems and accept the defeat, it is clear issue that without goal and objective we cannot prolong our live, this is goal and objective which give us hop for live and give us energy to conflict with problems in our live and being steady for achieving our goal and objective.

In her for achieving you are goal and objective we suggest you tow way:

First create for all of you are jobs accurate, logical and normative schedule and program, and for a adaptation of that do you are best, and do not allow to any reason to disturb to you are schedule and programs, remember God never create any lock without it is key so every problems has it is solution, for every job give time according to it is necessity and important, the another issue which is very important is this, that every night consider with you are self that how much you were successful to accomplishing you are schedule and programs, full fill you are weak point and strength you are good point.

The second one you have to have scrupulousness and hard working, this one give you energy to conflict with problems, and for achieving you are goal and objective be strong and steady, defeat is bitter sweet defiantly use, up to that time that we are not eat until to failure, we are not going to learn and when we cannot learn we cannot change in our live, by fronting to every beat we have to become more powerful and steady to achieve in our goal and objective


Written by ahmad yaqoobi

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my name is ahmad iwase graduate from habibia high school in 2012 now iam studying ecnomic in kabul university

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