How we can find a satisfactory job?

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This is the question which come to every one’s mind when a man think about this many other questions and many challenges for this purpose comes to his or her mind as well.


When I was child and the time which I was putting my feet to adolescence my family especially my mom stimulated me for studying hard and going school, they motivated me by this words “ my baby, my son get knowledge and study they also had been adding that knowledge makes every one perfect and they also recommend me through knowledge you can get best job, best lifestyle, best car, briefly most of money even they had inspired me for getting presidential position by my self knowledge .”


Through the most of motivation and stimulation for studying even my family prohibited me from childhood plays and games with my friends. Due to these motivation and encouragement I got an inspiring of being president .  

Step by step I got my family’s advises and the given inspiration affected me , there for I started for making my self a perfect man in case of knowledge , and I my self got a great ambition of serving my people and my homeland.


By the time going and finishing my school I thought that I am near for reaching my ambitions and I felt that there is just one step space for my ambitions and getting job. Beside school lessons I had passed many short term and long term courses of many fields as well . by ending the most memory full period of school and getting enrolment admission for the university I felt my self very very near for achieving my goals and ambitions with no awareness about the job seeking and job getting challenges.


Now at this period of time that I am a fresh graduated from university and as the elders saying on my childhood I am a perfect man there should be more jobs and opportunities  to serve my people and getting job for my life livelihood. 

At this time when I want to apply for a job or vacancies first of all on the qualifications line beside bachelor degree there is many years experience written as well , when I apply I must have many experience on the related field after this there is many other requirements that I have never been aware of those requirements such as : having master on the related field, understanding more than two languages especially Pashto, the applicants should be at this age ranges or mainly you should have a medium to get that job and many other obstacles and conditions which disappoint me ; even some times I think with my self whether I could continue another task instead of knowledge I would never stand on this situation.


This bitter experience is not only my self life story it may be the life story of many fresh graduated youth that I could draw as my self life story inside this paper .  at the end I want to say best of luck for all of you and great wishes to find your favorite job as soon as possible with out any obstacles.

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sharif afzal one of the womensannex writer Kabul Afghanistan

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