How we spend easy life?

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Life can be hectic. As result, health and wellness often take a backseat to busy schedules, technology and fast foods that can be eaten on the go. While it may not seem like anything at the time, these habits can catch up to even the healthiest individuals causing them to gain weight, feel exhausted and even increase their chances of developing an obesity related condition (heart disease, stroke, diabetes).  While a few small fixes cannot help make life less chaotic, they can help to get individuals of all ages and activity levels on track to a healthier lifestyle.

Limit computer time.
With computers, tablets and smartphones, it seems as if everyone cannot get enough of social media. Social media can allow them to keep up with family and friends, but the truth is five minutes can turn into an hour (if not more) in front of the computer. Individuals should aim to stay off social media during work or school hours and aim to check status updates only once per day.
Take the stairs.
Pretend like there is no such thing as an elevator. All individuals can benefit from taking the stairs. The extra steps each day can help them burn calories and increase endurance.
Everyone should make it a point to stay on top of their health.
Physical exams, eye appointments and dental appointments are vital to staying healthy.
Don’t take work to the lunchroom.
Many professionals take their lunch to the computer or their computer with them to the lunchroom. Save lunch time for food only. Individuals who work while they eat may be more likely to overeat due to not paying attention.
Everyone needs some quiet time.
Everyone should be encouraged to turn their car radio off, turn the TV off or ditch the headphones from time to time.

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