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If you want to start your own business then you should have to follow these easy steps which are easy to adopt to a new journey of the life.

Step 1: Write a Business Plan

First you should have to think and plan what business is you are going to start. you business idea is always should be based on a very unique and depend on quality and on a reasonable for the customer it is a very basic step. which you should have to take for the starting of your business.


Step 2: Get Business Assistance and Training

In the second step you should have to keep in mind that how i can raise the money for my business. For example you relatives, family , and friends or bank etc ? then you have to start training for which you are going to do. for example you are going to start your business on a small pizza hut so you have get training that how you can bake it with a best taste or how you can make it special from others.



Step 3: Choose a Business Location

Third step is a very very important step for your business so you have to be very careful to choose the location where you want to start. Is it is suitable for your business growth. what will be the supply or demand of that place. you also have the knowledge of this.


Step 4: Finance Your Business

Financing of your business is a very important for your business. if you want to boost your business then you must use this option and get loan from banks etc to support your business.



Step 5: Determine the Legal Structure of Your Business

Determine what type of business is you are choosing to start. is is very important to start a new business.

It can be:

1.Sole Owner






Step 6: Register a Business Name 

Register your business name with your state government.



Step 7: Get a Tax Identification Number 

If you want to get benefit from the govt. deductions then pay tax and make your national tax number. it will also gives you benefit in many ways.



Step 8: Dealing with Customer

Dealing with your customer is a very important. deal your customer well and provide them a excellent services to fulfill  their demand and satisfaction.and provide them good quality products or services.

Step 9: Obtain Business Licenses and Permits

Get a list of federal, state and local licenses and permits required for your business. If necessary for starting your business.


Step 10: Understand Employer Responsibilities

That you also know how to run daily routine duties and activities of the business. you also have the knowledge or experience that how to deal the labor or staff of your business. etc.


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