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In our society Afghan women enjoying being told precisely what to do and how to do it, or would you rather work things out by yourself, without extensive instructions or supervision or how to make money and what is important for you? Here I wrote about the thing which are important for me.

 I would like to tell precisely what to do and how to do it with instructions or supervision because I think they can help and encourage me because they have more experiences than me. It can be good to listen to their advices and careful about what do you want to do in future. For example, my adviser helped me to choose the classes correctly with good teacher with great methods. Because of that I am happy and got good marks in my class.

 Most of us like to study the subject which is interesting for us or we like it and get a good job which I be able solve my problem, it is important. For me, I will choose a subject that can be useful for me and I am being able to make money for my family in the future. For example, there are four majors in American University of Afghanistan (AUAF). Before I choose my major,  I searched about which major has good teachers, courses, quality and have good future like making money, position in the society, and finding jobs will be easier in that major

I am a documentary filmmaker and I like painting and music. I would like to be an artist, but there isn’t any major about art in my university. I am limiting to choose my favorite major in the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) because there are not more choices, so I have to choose the other one that I don’t like it.

Some people do enjoy in working with others but some others prefer to work on their own businesses but the important things in what implications might choose the subject which depends to the advantages and disadvantages. For me, as filmmaker I prefer to work with others because different ideas, opinions are helping me to improve myself better, I can learn how to make communication with others. In addition, But sometimes working with others is different because they don’t respect to each other and rules. They don’t know how to work in team so there will be many problems. When you work you think you are perfect and you can’t compare yourself with others so it cause that you can’t improve more. I like to work as a team because it is more interesting for me and have more benefits. So I like to choose my Subject that will be as a team.

Written By: Mona Haidari




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