How Your Boobs Can Affect Your Mood

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How Your Boobs Can Affect Your Mood

Your boobs are obviously great. Anyone who has taken the time to look down, cop a feel, and appreciate her chest each day can tell you that. But depending on how your gals match up to each other, they can actually have a serious effect on your mood. Young women who have asymmetrical breasts (where one is smaller than the other) may suffer from negative mental and emotional effects, according to a study in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The researchers studied a group of girls from 12-21 years of age. Out of the participants (all of whom were examined by a plastic surgeon at the start of the experiment), 59 had asymmetry by at least one cup size, 160 had macromastia (an overgrowth in both breasts, according to the paper), and 142 were the controls. The study authors explain that “mild to moderate differences in breast shape, size, and position in the developing adolescent are expected.” However, sometimes the difference is so substantial it can become an emotional issue that can interfere with your wellbeing.



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