HRM strategies explained at Ufone

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A human resource management strategy is a plan that overall leads to the implementation of specific HRM areas. HRM strategies are there to guide the personnel decisions that would best fit the organization. All the HRM strategies need to match the overall strategy of the organization.


Leaders and top management is the one that needs to inspire the employees of the organization so in order to achieve organizational goals the leadership should be chosen carefully and those who have the quality to lead their followers.

Talent in an organization is its biggest asset so the HRM needs to locate the most talented employees and train them more to increase their skills, knowledge and abilities and it should be made sure that from the hiring the company should be looking for talented people to get into the company and then identify those who do their best for the company and their promotions and authorities should be given to them so that they could run the company better. The culture in the company should be something that everybody can work easily and happily in because the happier the employees are the better they will work the better environment ensure better behavior from the employees.

The company should also do employee satisfaction surveys to know what exactly employees think of how the company is treating them or what are the improvements the company needs ot bring if there are any required. Doing the above would make sure that the company is run by some experienced employees who would ensure that the strategy and goals of the company are met.


UFONE seems to be very relaxed because the employees are doing their work properly but it should start keeping a check as there will be employees who would not do as much as others and if the employees are doing good they should be given more tasks which would be a challenge for them and they would like to perform well as there are bonuses and wage rises for the hard workers so in that way the company would be able to get extra work out of the employee without compromising the motivation of the employees. 

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