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I was on my local cities website and they had a section in there talking about this "Earth Hour" event that the city is taking part in. Apparently the city turns off all unneeded lights for an hour every year during some time in March I think it was. They encouraged people to sit in the dark and think about how bad of a person they are for using power in your house that you pay for. They had a section in their where people can put their own comment in and perhaps tell people how you want to save power. Some people were like "I'm going to turn my lights off and light some candles and reflect on how to save power" or some sort of shit like that. "Well" I thought to myself, sounds like someone loves the earth so much that they decided to worship the earth. It's like using power is some sort of earth sin and this is some sort of way you should condemn and discipline yourself. Almost like a parent says "go to your room and think about what you did!".

I just have to say that we people are suppose to feel bad for burning wood to keep warm, and to cook food. Burning wood is apparently bad for peoples health and apparently bad for the environment. We are suppose to feel bad for using gas cause using gas uses energy which is apparently bad for the environment. We are suppose to feel bad for using power because power is apparently bad for the environment. We should feel bad for driving a car. According to the law of the earths ten commandments we should basically all die of hunger and hypothermia. We should feel bad for throwing a bottle in the garbage can (I bet most of you do don't you), we should feel bad for throwing paper away. We pay environmental tax for our old tires, we pay environmental tax when we buy new tires, we human beings must be pieces of shit according to these environmentalists. Goes according to the Darwinist belief that mankind is a bunch of parasites to the earth. I for one don't have room to collect bottles in my small apartment suite, I have a tendency of throwing bottles straight to the garbage. I'm not against recycling, I think it's a cool idea, but this cool idea turned into an earth worshipping act. There is a lot of money in recycling, so yes, the companies that benefit from this so called earth saving "idea" would love for us all to worship the earth and abide by the recycling offering to cleanse our soul.

Anyway, back to the cities website. I found a comment on there that I loved! Here is the link to the comment that I liked: Celebrate Human Achievement Hour instead! I also added my own reply to this comment just below it. Just stop feeling bad for being a human being that uses great inventions created by your fellow human beings. Just imagine if all took part in earth hour. We would all be sitting in the dark. Think of this though. Lets say that enough people (or the majority) took part in earth hour, I will bet you that there are people out there that will try to pass laws to make it mandatory for all to take part in earth hour because the majority are OK with it already, or... or get this, someone or some environmental group convinces the city to cut all power to all the city for earth hour. Just imagine if the next step was "earth day". Hey why not go for "earth week". No, hey guys lets all celebrate "earth month". Heck, lets just live with out power, who's up for that? Anyway, never will I take part in this earth hour, but more so I will take part in "Human Achievement Hour" where I use as much power as possible to help counteract any loss of power consumption during this hour.

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