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DEFINITION OF THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT. Due to the increase of some gases present in the atmosphere, the layers of the atmosphere absorb the sun’ heat. As a result, the temperature rises in the lower parts of the atmosphere. This process is called the “ Greenhouse Effect “. A greenhouse is actually a room made of glass in which the temperature, humidity, etc. are controlled so that plants can be grown.

THE REASONS FOR THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT. In the present industrial era, due to the environmental pollution, the proportion of some gases like carbon dioxide and methane increases in the environment. These gases can absorb heat. Due to the increase of these gases in the atmosphere, the greenhouse effect is created.

THE HARMFUL EFFECTS OF THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT. Due to the greenhouse effect, the temperature is rising on the Earth. This is called “ Global Warming “. The greenhouse effect and global warming are bringing about changes in the climate. As a result of the melting snow of the polar caps and mountains and heavy rainfall, the level of the seas will rise and many coastal areas will drown. According to some climatologists, the temperature on Earth will increase with time. Floods will come in some areas. Due to the melting of snow, the level of the seas will rise. As a result of the changes in the climate, many species of living things will become extinct. It will have its effect on agriculture.

INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIAL MEASURES TO LESSEN THE NEGATIVE           EFFECTS OF HUMAN ACTIVITIES ON CLIMATE. We can lessen the negative effects of human activities on climate through the following individual and social measures.


  1. First of all, we have to keep our environment clean so that we are safe from different diseases.
  2. In the cities, we should not use cars that release exhaust fumes.
  3. To solve the problem of air pollution, we must plant more and more trees.
  4. To lessen the quantity of carbon dioxide in the air, trees should not be cut down.


  1. Atomic experiments are very dangerous for human lives and our environment. To save the environment, these atomic experiments must be stopped.
  2. Petroleum, gas and coal must be used as little as possible in industries, cars and electricity production factories. Through various ways, the harmful effects of fossil fuels should be lessened.
  3. Preference should be given to public transport and its use should be promoted so that people should lessen the use of their own cars.
  4. Forests should not be cut down, rather they should be increased. Instead of wood other materials can be used. They should not be wasted.
  5. Trash should not be wasted by burning.
  6. The poisonous gases produced in the chemical factories must be controlled through various scientific methods so that our environment remains clean.






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