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Human activity includes production. Consumption and distribution of goods. Human involve in many activities. These are divided into five groups. Primary Activity: It includes in the production of agricultural products. It is also included raw material. The production is at agri level. Secondary activity: It includes production of finish goods from the primary goods. Usually the material is brought to the industries. The raw material is converted into finish products.


Tertiary activity: It include services like the whole seller create link between producer and retailer. The link is produce to use the product by the consumer. Usually agents are also involved in this activity. Who purchase from producer and sell it to the retailer.


Quaternary activity: In this activity the services are included. They are also called white color like Doctor, Teacher and Businessman etc. The provide services to its nation. There are capable person.


Fifth activity: It include those people who can change the faith of the nation like Scientist, Engineer, Doctor etc. There are also called gold color people. There are capable and brilliant mind persons and highly educated. There are few in numbers. They agriculture hoarding mining, fishing are included in primary activities. 

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