Human Life Versus Coral Life With Nitrate

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Human Life Versus Coral Life With Nitrate

This is for all who are concerned of our mother nature, not only the environmentalists, fishermen and the people who depend their livelihood on water resources.

Do you know that the life of coral is far shorter than the life of human? Its toxicity is only 500 mg / kg bodyweight / day with KNO3 or commonly known as Potassium Nitrate. Human can still be alive even you give him 35,000 mg of KNO3 (Potassium Nitrate). However at 500 mg of NO3 (Nitrate), a coral polyp will die.

Most of us knew that the corals are very important in the biodiversity of our water resources such as furrows, rivers, seas, and oceans. These corals which serve as shelter for fishes and other marine life. These coral sanctuaries were vanishing because of nitrate and nutrients pollution, and human abusive acts.

Our awareness of the current condition of the corals is very important for their conservation and protection. This is not only for us now but also for the future generations.



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