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Nervous system is the main part of the human life where sensation and many other operations take place.

Main nervous system depends on the neurons which have brushes on his head and axis on the stem and the current signal travel from the point of the sensation to the mind and response for the action and the signals travel back for the response.

When all the neurons are removed from one human body and attached together then it will be a path way from earth to the moon.

Human nervous system also is being used by human body for the pumping of the blood and without which a human cannot lead his life.

 Human nervous system is widened area from top end to the bottom edge of the human body where all the electrical connections flow through it and the blood flowing through them is very important process to happen otherwise human cannot lead his life.

Every part of the body is interconnected with each other with the help of this nervous system and passing electrical connections in the body.

By seeing the results of the nervous system one can tell that it is also the most important essential part of human body. Without which one cannot survive in this universe.


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