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CrestarBio is a hub for providing high quality biomaterials such as fresh frozen human tissues, FFPE Tissue Blocks, whole blood from diseased and normal subjects, serum, plasma and other blood derivatives with complete patient histories and detailed pathology data since 1997. CrestarBio collects human tissues and tissue derivatives, fresh tumors, diseased blood from cancer patients, hematological cancer’s, covering all kinds of cancer’s and other human diseases. CrestarBio has a large global network of partner hospitals from where we collect human tissue specimens under very strict regulatory guidelines.

CrestarBio operates leading Research Tissue Bank with thousands of human specimens like tumor tissues, whole blood fresh, fixed and frozen tissues and blood readily available in stock. We specialize in Oncology specimens and have hundreds of thousands of fresh frozen human tumor tissues, normal adjacent tissues, FFPE Tissue Blocks, slides, diseased whole blood, serum, plasma and other human fluids in stock.

CrestarBio specializes in conducting Clinical research projects in Oncology and other diseases maintaining genetically diverse global repository with hundreds of thousands of very high quality human tissue specimens readily available from our Biorepository.

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