Human Trafficking in Pakistan: A savage and deadly realty of women and children

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Last day during surfing on Facebook one of story got my attention, it was the story of two sisters who live in the rural area of Pakistan in poverty, they came to city for a job and found a job as a maid in one of the wealthy neighborhood. After some days their mistress allure them by offering a job in Dubai and they agreed to go with her to UAE but these poor soul have no idea what is going to happen to them, when they reached Dubai they came to know that their is no job for them and their mistress brought them Dubai to use them as a prostitute, when they resist they were beaten and they live six years in misery and no one know where they are, after six year they manage to escape and told the police their story.

This story is telling us the dark side of Pakistani society, Pakistan is like a hell for women. If they escape the Karokari, Vani traditions and also Infanticides then there are other ways to make the life of women a hell and trafficking is one of them. There are many ways by which women get trapped, mostly they allure women by giving them offer of job or sometimes they kidnapped women and children and then trafficked them or sell them to others who used them in textile industries or in prostitution.

Just in first two month of 2014 about 190 cases of human trafficking are reported in Provence Sindh and in last year 2013 about six thousands cases were reported in whole Pakistan but no one now the exact numbers of cases, these people are trafficked in whole Pakistan where they are used mostly in Brick industry and textile industry and in the prostitution, in some cases these people are also used for beggary , however some cases are reported in which mafia sell the body part like kidney of victim. This is really brutal. According to statics about 80% of these victims are used as prostitutes.

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