Hundred words of nonsense

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There are many bloggers who have sprung up ever since the onset of micro blogging sites. 

Every one who can write a word in English has become a blogger. 

I am not against the good writers but totally against the plagiarizers and spammers. 

Anyone can write a hundred words which may seem nonsense and get away with it. I also read copied blogs where the writer is also praised and paid without fail. 

I such writers alias bloggers get encouraged, soon the site itself will crumble and that's what happened to the famous blogging site which had helped us all a great way. 

I hope bitlanders too will introduce a software which roots out copiers. 

I want every venture to be successful. Spammers forget that they are not only destroying the website venture but also hurting the people who depend on online writing and work for a living. This is not a hobby but a serious work. 


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I am an online content writer and my passion is writing poetry. I am a housewife and also love to do other things like manage the farm and read.

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