Hunza - The Heaven on Earth- part1

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Pakistan!! For many of you this world only may strike hostile and dangerous. Many of you may think that way, but once you are here, your opinions change forever. 

Let me take you on a tour of Hunza, a place so majestic and beautiful, you feel like staying there forever. When I rode out to Hunza, I thought of the place same as another place with mountains and landscape. But my views were changed once I spent two days in that beautiful

The beauty of this place is beyond anyplace you would ever see. A valley between two big mountains Rakaposhi and Ladyfinger. It presents a view no person in the world can stop looking at.

The beauty of Hunza is not only about the nature and the landscape, it is about the culture the heritage and the very beautiful people of this valley.


Many of the wonders will be unveiled in the later blogs. For Now, Like the blog and follow the page for more interesting content.

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