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Water.  We all know what it is but are we aware of what water does for us? There was a time where I had a hard time finishing one bottle of water in a twenty four hour period but now I can finish a gallon without a problem. If I don’t? Well that is where a case of cotton mouth arises and I am not a happy camper.

Our body is made up of a lot of water. Majority of our weight comes from the water we have therefore we have to replenish our body each day. Replenishing our water supply keeps our natural body temperature at bay.

There are plenty of toxins in our system that have to be filtered out properly through the kidneys, otherwise they may cause damage. Once again, we need water for these toxins to be released from our body.

That is just some of the wonderful things water does. What else does it do? Well if you are afraid of wrinkles, drink a little more water. Water helps hydrate the skin and keep it plump. Now what about what water does for weight loss?

Well, studies have shown that if you keep yourself hydrated it may lessen the cravings for empty calories. It may also help you stay away from junk food.

Feeling extra tired lately? I do not mean feeling tired for lack of sleep, I am referring to physical exhaustion. Step back and think about your water intake. If you are not consuming enough water, your body is over worked and depleted. This could explain your fatigue.

Now if that has not convinced you to drink more water, maybe this will.  Drinking a sufficient amount of water has been linked to weight loss. Most studies have shown that a minimum of 17 ounces of water may increase your metabolic rate.

There are more benefits of water, but I think the point is clear. DRINK MORE WATER. Increase your water intake and decrease your intake of liquids high in sugar and your body will love you.  

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Brooklyn based Magda Ryszkiewicz is a passionate soon-to-be college graduate with a concentration in physical therapy. Her goal in life is to help others in need of physical assistance and ultimately entrepreneurship, by opening her own medical practice in the future. Fun fact: She feels cleaning calms and clears her…

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