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What happens in these sessions?


You will come for an Initial Consultation in Cirencester, which lasts an hour and fifteen minutes.


In this session, this will be your opportunity to tell us how you would like hypnotherapy to help you, and we will be able to give you a thorough explanation of how the brain works and you will leave the session with a good understanding of how we work, and how hypnotherapy helps and whether you think that it is something that you feel you can benefit from.  


If you decide it is for you, then we can tailor the sessions to suit you, and you will take the CD or mp3 away with you which you will be asked to listen to it every night to support your sessions.  


Usually, we will see you for three consecutive weeks to build momentum for the changes to start taking place and then we can discuss the route depending on how you feel your progress is developing.  


You are ALWAYS in control.



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