I Am Addicted To You

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Sometime medicines that recover us from illness become dangerous for human body due over dose. Some medicines show instant reaction and can cause death due to over dose or miss use. But some of them make their users addicted to these medicines. Today we will discuss why this happens.

First reason is absence of medical facilities and doctors. In developing countries government expands small partition of budget on health services and the private doctors are expensive for poor people to pay for, so people buy medicines from drug stores without consulting doctor. So uses of these drugs without prescription are dangerous. In some regions quack doctors are prescribing the medicines to the people. Due to lack of knowledge of these fake doctors some medicines give harm to the patient and some sometime give him death. So govt. has to work against these quacks.

Sometime people starts some type of drug due there social problems. They start these drugs to get rid from their worries, sorrows, anxieties and headaches. As they use these drugs without consulting doctor so it’s make them addicted to these drugs. These medicines make them both mentally and physically ill.

It’s government duty to provide good health facilities to the citizens. Government should seal the drug store that sale medicines without doctor prescription and ban the quack doctors and punish them. We have to aware people about it and tell them that don’t use medicine without doctor consult.    




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