I Am Sorry, My Sister

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Your words went unheard   
and you were punished for a sin
you did not commit.
I am sorry for the wild behavior of
your cruel brothers.

Farkhunda, my poor sister
I cannot imagine the pain you suffered
I am sorry I couldn’t help you
escape this harsh violence.
They beat you, they punished you

They burned you, they judged you. 
It is Afghanistan, where the people
act as court and law.
They took pictures and
watched you burn.

I want to write your name in red
with black coal: Marta-yer Farkhunda. 
We will rename the Shah do Shamshera
Farkhunda Road to
honor your memory.

I am sorry, my poor sister,
all we can do is mourn, protest and
punish these criminals for you.
I know you sleep now in your grave,
But this crime has taken away our sleep.  

We cannot enjoy the New Year
because still we live in the old year. 
How can I wear a colorful dress
while you wear your white shroud?

Farkhunda, my poor sister,
Forgive us for not being with you. 
Your name will be forever
in our memories.

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