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You read the title and would say this girl might be crazy eating flowers! But this is definitely true, let me tell you the story. Today's blog is a normal day diary-type entry which talks about how my Sunday went.

The previous blogs I had posted here talks more of what I had observed in my environment and the events that had happened so I thought I should also continue with that trend while I still can't find another blog topic to talk about.

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Sunday Morning Church

We parked our motorcycle beside the delivery vehicle at Northdrive Mall along Ouano Avenue in Mandaue City. Looking at my phone, it told me we were ten minutes late for the service. Traffic was already building up early today although it was a Sunday so it somehow caused this, I am not giving out excuses, it was just the truth.

As soon as we got inside using the right wing hallway, we positioned ourselves at an empty line of seats, in the middle to be specific, and joined our hearts to the praise and worship service. This is definitely my favorite part of a service because I am always blessed with the worship but sometimes, the preaching part differs depending on the messenger.

After Service

I liked the message and it was almost eleven in the morning when the service ended. The Northdrive Mall has good geometric areas which James and I felt a good spot to take some sample shots, yes we brought our cameras with us because we have an event to attend to in the afternoon.

Let me show you some sample of the pictures James took:

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Lunch at The Buzz Cafe Robinsons Galleria

It didn't take a while for us to reach Robinsons Galleria, this is just ten minutes drive away from Northdrive Mall. This is my favorite mall because it doesn't have that many people compared to the rest of the malls in the city plus its parking area is super cozy.

As soon as we got inside the parking area, I could sense the temperature drop, as if they had allowed the air conditioning system to also get to the parking area.

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At the mall's center section was an active event for Table Tennis, I could see athletes, men, and women, young and adult ones, all competing for some tournament, I believe it was just a one-day event.

My stomach specifically was already demanding for food, I could literally hear it grumble, screaming for food so I had to stop watching the event and start looking for food. I couldn't think of any other satisfying restaurant to have lunch than The Buzz Cafe.

The Buzz Cafe

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Not just because The Buzz Cafe is owned by a Boholana but it got great food and a good ambiance too, not to mention that their service is also superb, with staffs who are accommodating and initiative. It is not a surprise that they had opened several other cafes and booths all around the Bohol island as well as in Cebu City.

Aside from that, they take pride in using their own production of organic ingredients for their food options. In fact, they also have their own farm in Bohol called Bohol Bee Farm and one of my favorite products from their farm is their Molave Honey.

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Going back to the restaurant, James and I passed by their ice cream booth, Moringa is my own favorite flavor before when I was still not very conscious of the food I take into my body. Now that I am very careful, I refuse eating ice cream or anything with too much sugar in it.

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Pushing through the heavy and wide glass door opened its way for us to get to the main restaurant. The short chairs at the entrance area with colorful seat covers as well the family tables were all occupied, a staff showed us our way to the second room which was adjacent to the main dining area. It only has one table occupied so we were fine with sitting at the first table on the left.

The chair was made of wood, looked like reclaimed one or designed to have that look, it bears a flower designed wood carving which was painted in yellow and green leaves. The seat has a weaved pattern, of local leaves which reminded me of our very own "banig" or local mat.

The Buzz Cafe Food / Meal Set Selections

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Before I could grab my camera out, the staff handed us a copy of their menu, thick, one-piece boards have the options printed in it. The third menu has their three meal seats worth Php 260 each which I believe is the best option because it has already all in it, a vegetable salad, protein like fish or chicken, a healthy looking Bohol Red Rice mixed with sweet steamed Cassave pieces and lastly a Citronella Juice.

Not to also mention that The Buzz Cafe provides a complimentary meal too! A sample Cab-cab and their organic Squash Bread with pesto and mango spread which are all yummy!

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I ordered sets B and C. This has a little variation like the pork viand which is included in Set B for James while I was alright with my flower salad, chicken, grilled fish, and juice.

Obviously, I had no complaints regarding the food on our plates. Because as usual, it exceeds my expectation. The Cassava slices were really sweet and it compliments the Red Rice. The fish and the chicken are all good too plus the best part was the flower salad. I was even encouraged to blog before eating because my tummies and eyes were all happy seeing the served food.

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It is pretty evident that both my husband and I love The Buzz Cafe. Truly, we recommend this restaurant. I love as well that all of the staffs here are from Bohol, the owner had pledged to provide livelihood to her fellowmen. The Buzz Cafe also supports the environment by not using any plastic straws or utensils.

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Planerds Event

But our main purpose of going to Robinsons Galleria was not really to dine at The Buzz Cafe, instead, we had planned on joining the Planerds Meetup where someone will speak about planners and how to correctly start jotting on one's planner.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the spot, at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Robinsons Galleria, we couldn't locate the group or any individuals associated with the event. After waiting for a few minutes, we decided that we just go shopping and go home afterward.

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That ended my day outside the house. How about you? How was your Sunday?


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