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I hate it when I feel this. Being pressured by so many things. Pressured from responsibilities. If you are a bread-winner, then you would surely understand what I mean. You will feel pressured if don't have  enough resources to provide everything for your family.  And when you are only the one who provide and nobody is helping you. Yeah sometimes, life is so unfair. If others has everything, while other has nothing. 

Oh well, this is always a challenge to me. This is only mean that God had FAITH on me. He has TRUST on me and He believes on me that I can perform well with the tasks He assigned to me. Yes, I am pressured by so many things and that makes my life even more interesting, more exciting and less boring. Sometimes I feel heavy and over loaded with so much pressures in life and I stand alone against it with God's mercy and grace.




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A hard working mom whose mission in life is to give better future for my kids and family.

Work as one of the staff of Palawan Pawnshop and Pera Padala Remittances

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