I don’t want son

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In our complicated world everyone has their own problems and thought. One of us complain because of do not have son, some other complain because of duplicate son and third one make loud noise because of luck of son. These wants and dis wants make most of house hold and joint live damage and down. And this is one example:

I got married three years before. during one year of our joint live. My husband has very bad behavior with me. Every night when he comes to home he was touched because of alcoholic beverage. Her for when I was object against him. He was answering me by fist and wrong. The reason of this bad behavior of my husband with me was this that I was want son but he do not want son. he never paid attention to my desire and wants, he was always doing behavior with me like a slave. He always condemns my speech and idea, and accepts his own idea to me.

Yes dear friend! When the husband do not aware from his job and responsibility ,and also do not aware from his wife law, this kind of husband never going to have successful and comfortable live and house hold. There for his wife got divorced from him .by paying deep attention to the issue we can find out this result that the woman made very huge mistake to get married with like this touched person. Because the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him said) :when touched man is sick,do not go to his visit and when he  recommend to you to get married with him, do not accept.

The people of our society as much became far from Islamic program as much they find out more problems. So we have to find out our weak point and fill out our weak point


Written by sayed Ali asghar yaqoobi