I, Frankenstein - Movie Review

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Lets all stop and thank the great minds that made "Frankenstein's monster" and not the people who made this movie. This is PREnetwork's movie review of  I, Frankenstein.

To not only save time and money lets get into this review. I, Frankenstein is basically take a classic monster like Frankenstein put him in modern times and throw in “Demons” and “Gargoyles” and you got a movie. Well…. Not really… All these monsters need to hide from the human eye but are going to clubs and partying. Cell phones are a hip happing thing at the time yet, none of the monsters us them. The “Demons” use cell phones in the background but whenever they need to talk to someone they run and find them. The plot point’s fall short, dialoged sounds funny, scripted, and out of place. The action was okay but nothing really defines the movie. Nothing ground breaking here, just one more monster vs. monster action film. If you get it for free its worth a shot, if you have to pay, save you money for anther day.


By: Josh Presuto


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