I gained lot of weight within few days

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I gained lot of weight within few days

Day before yesterday, I purchased few dresses. One of those was my hubby’s choice. But I couldn’t wear that his selected dress due to excessive weight gains. It is really beautiful and unique dress. Actually for few days we have gone to our native, and relaxed a lot; plus we ate a lot of various types of favourite food without maintaining anything. Kolkata is the place of sweet dishes and all Bengalis’ favourite things are variety sweet foods. Without a piece of sweet, a day will not be possible to complete for anybody. We also consumed a lot of sweets and other oily foods. Thus not only me, my hubby also gained a lot of weight. He already started skipping today after checking his weight in medicine shop. He is very much concern about his weight and stomach, which I need to be too. I already took challenge myself, to lose weight and become slim within two months.

So my journey of losing weight will start from Monday and my daily schedule of Bubbling too, because our guests are going back on Sunday. Till then, I will enjoy my unlimited food eating experience, because I love to eat.


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