I Got Too Distracted in the Last Two Weeks

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Hello, Bitlanders. This is just another personal blog.  After submitting my third blog post for this month, I realized that I am already at least five blogs behind from my monthly goal here in Bitlanders. 
After my sixth month here in Bitlanders, I made it my goal to earn at least $5.00 a day. I need to upload at least four posts per week to reach that goal.
In June, I have uploaded only nine blog posts. In the first two weeks of July, I have uploaded only three blog posts. 

So, what happened?

My Problem With Time Management

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In my blog post,"Blogging in Bitlanders, Dealing With Distractions" I pointed out that one of my problems is time management. 

To help me overcome that problem, I started to use Evernote, almost every day. With Evernote, I was able to keep track of my daily goals. However, even with Evernote, I was distracted most of the time in the past two weeks. 

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More Distractions.


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Well, I'm not as distracted as the father in that video. I would never ignore my kids for my phone. Even if I'm working or writing a blog for Bitlanders. 

In the past two weeks, however, I have encountered a lot of new distractions. As a result, I have uploaded only three blog posts.

  •  Down with a Flu. It started with our youngest son. Although we believe, it was merely because of his first molar started to grow. A few days later, my wife caught it. Then I almost got it this week. Though it did not blow up into full flu. It started with my allergies and I started sneezing last Tuesday. Then the next day, my nose was clogged and then my throat started to itch like I spiked-ball was stuck on my throat.

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  • Low-Energy and Often Sleepy. Perhaps, it's due to the changing climate and the flu, but my energy has been so low in the past two weeks. I have already set the time of the day I would do my blog post and when I would check and update my daily goals in Evernote. However, I always end up sleepy before I could even open my Evernote. In the morning, I usually wake up late or I end up going back to sleep after I turn off my alarm. So instead of posting at least six blogs, I was only able to finish three.

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  • Playing Video Games - or rather video game. I already mentioned this in my previous blog. I play only Realm Defense on my Android Phone. The daily quests and new feature of the Realm Defense got me hooked. Plus I'm stuck on the last mission of world three at the moment. The game has become more challenging and therefore more interesting. Though, playing only about 15 minutes at a time, I realized that I spend more than an hour a day on this game.

I assure you I don't look like this when I play video games.

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  • Watching YouTube and Movies. Sometimes, I take a break from typing and watch YouTube or a movie. However, often times, I end up spending more time watching that I wanted to. Just like now. I spent at least one hour watching the second half of the movie Black Phanter. An hour that I could have spent finishing this post.  

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  • Part-time Job. Not that I am complaining, but my part-time job as a teacher is taking a bit of my time. I handle five sections in a private school here in Roxas City. I have to spend time studying and preparing my lessons, plus other paper works. What's challenging in this job is teaching Java programming to high-school students. Most of them are not even interested in programming.
    (Read https://www.bitlanders.com/blogs/teaching-java-programming-a-big-challenge/6867205)

  • Family Time- as I have mentioned before, spending time with the family is a welcome distraction. We don't have a nanny for our two sons with ages (almost) four years and 10 months old. I usually end up spending more time with the boys that I planned to. Especially with our eldest son. I have set my alarm to go off at 4 A.M. This is the time that I would write my blog. Usually, at this time, the kids and my wife are still fast asleep. However, In the past few days, my kids are already up by five in the morning. I end up playing with them or watching YouTube with them.

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Dealing with the Distractions Again.

  • The flu was a just a temporary distraction. Probably brought by the shifting climate and the sudden switch from a sunny morning to a rainy afternoon. I just need to improve my immune system though.
  • I need to cut down the time I spend playing video games and watching movies. For the games, I just settle for the daily quest for now. For the movies, I have to set a time for it or use my tablet to watch the movie while I am typing my blog on my laptop.
  • It takes some time to make a new habit. I aim to make a new habit of reading and updating my goals every single day. I admit, I still skip a day or two sometimes.
  • Sleep early and wake up early. I just hope my kids will not follow this pattern as well. Or else, I need to sleep late and wake up late. I can only work continuously when they are asleep. 

I need to sleep early every night.

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  • Stop procrastinating. Well, I hate to admit it, but I am a procrastinator. Often times, when I am working on a blog before I go to sleep, I will feel drowsy and say to my self, I have plenty of time tomorrow morning. I end up submitting the blog two or three days later.

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Turn the Distractions into Blog Topics

What's a better way of turning a negative thing into something positive. Distractions are unavoidable. There will always be some distractions in one way or the other. Why should not I make use of them by blogging about them?

For starter, I think I will make a movie review of the Black Panther in the coming days. I know there are a number of reviews posted already here, but it doesn't mean I can't add another one.  My opinions will be different anyway.  Plus, as a fat orange cat named Garfield once said:

Everybody is entitled to MY own opinion!


Also, I'm planning to blog about the topics that I will take up on my classes. It actually helps me understand them better.

That being said, it's time for me to wrap this up with this video.


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Thanks for reading.


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